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We offer a wide variety of services related to rental property compliance inspections. We're your go-to professionals for pre-inspection training and throughout the inspection and approval process.

Home Inspections

We work with homeowners to assess their properties and share detailed inspection reports on any work that may need to be done to maintain a safe, happy, and healthy living space.

Single-Family Home Rental Inspections

Colorado Complete Inspections has the most certified inspectors in the city of Denver, who are highly trained to perform visual, non-invasive inspections, to inform the owner of any issues in the rental property.

Multi-Family Home Rental Inspections

We work directly with property management staff, never tenants, at multi-family properties to ensure complete compliance, and help you pass your inspection the first time.

Commercial Services

Colorado Complete Inspections ensures your property's safety and value. We provide mold, asbestos, sewer, radon, and lead inspections using advanced methods. Trust us for thorough protection of your assets.

Environmental Services

We provide various environmental services including infrared inspections for insulation issues, moisture mapping for water damage prevention, pest inspections, and window efficiency testing.

Schedule Your Inspection

Schedule an inspection with Denver's Fastest Growing Inspection Company today.

Prioritizing Safety and Compliance

Colorado Complete Inspections is a team of highly trained and certified experts that prioritize the safety and compliance of your home or commercial property. 

Rental Inspections

CCI is your guide to Denver's Healthy Residential Rentals for All program.

Home Inspections

We prioritize home inspections to ease the stress of buying a new home.

Mold Inspections

We offer mold inspections to detect and assess mold severity on your property.

Asbestos Inspections

Before any home renovation or demolition, schedule an asbestos inspection.

Sewer Scope Inspections

We inspect your sewer lines with the latest technology, avoiding landscaping disturbances or digging.

Radon Inspections

We offer thorough radon inspections in Denver for homes and businesses to protect against harmful radon gas.

Lead Inspections

Colorado Complete Inspections offers lead inspections to ensure safety in your home or business.

Environmental Services

We provide environmental services, including infrared inspections for insulation issues and moisture mapping to avert water damage.

Why CCI?

Colorado Complete Inspections is your go to inspection provider in the Denver Metro Area. We have all the answers you need regarding compliance with Denver's "Healthy Residential Rentals for All," and all other inspection services. Our values are coordination, communication, and trust, and we use these to guide us in every aspect of our services. As the fastest growing, locally-owned inspection company in Denver, we have literally seen it all, and can help you plan for a simple inspection process, so that you pass the first time.

We'll only ever work with property owners and property managers to execute deadlines, communications, and industry leading services. We know Denver's ordinances inside and out and can help you manage your application, whether you pass or fail the initial inspection. From the largest apartment complex portfolios in Denver, to an individual single-family property, we have the speed and resources to simplify your inspection process, before, during, and after your inspection with us.

Let Colorado Complete Inspections be your guide. If you have the questions, we have the answers. Call now or contact us!

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See what our CEO has to say about the changing policies for rental inspections in Denver. We assist landlords like you in staying compliant and ensuring happy, healthy tenants.


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