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We help multi-family property owners and managers adhere to Denver’s New Residential Rental Program (RHP) with professional pre-inspection training, rental unit inspections, issue punch lists, and compliance approval with the documentation needed for city licensing. We're your go-to resource for Denver compliance inspections.


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The Denver Post: Denver’s rental licensing program for apartments to come up 24K short at its Jan. 1 deadline. What happens next?

  • All multi-family rental properties in Denver must be licensed by January 2023, but The Department of Excise and Licenses says there is still a long ways to go to meet that goal.
  • While enforcement won't begin immediately, the city is urging rental property owners to apply as soon as possible, to avoid overextending inspectors, as there are only a certain number of qualified inspectors, in addition to other potential delays.
  • The Denver Post spoke with our own President and Owner, Andy Rhodes, about what the new Residential Rental Program means for inspectors trying to work with owners to push through every requirement within the new ordinance.
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Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services related to rental property compliance inspections. We're your go-to professionals for pre-inspection training and throughout the inspection and approval process.

Pre-Inspection Training
Rental Unit Inspections
Punch Lists
Compliance Approval
& Documentation
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Denver, CO is joining a large majority of cities in the US by implementing a new Healthy Residential Rentals for All program. This ordinance requires all rental properties within city limits to be inspected and licensed by specific deadlines. In order to remain compliant, all rental property owners in Denver must receive a certified inspection based on Denver's city provided 26-point checklist.

Colorado Compliance Inspections has the most certified inspectors in the Denver Metro Area, and is laser focused on providing only the inspection services required by Denver's Rental Licensing Program. We know the minimum requirements to pass an inspection in and out, and can provide you with the best practices and tools to solve common challenges, so that you pass your inspection, the first time.

Our dedicated team will work with your onsite professionals, and never your tenants, to ensure compliance for minimum housing standards, per Denver's requirements. Before, during, and after your inspection, we will operate with coordination, communication, and trust. You can learn more about the program on Denver City's website here, or by seeing us on the news here:

Rental Inspections Made Easy!

Denver implemented the Residential Licensing Program to ensure all tenants in the city of Denver are provided with safe living quarters. Colorado Compliance Inspections has integrated every aspect of this program into our services, providing a streamlined process for you and your tenants.

We work with the largest multifamily portfolios in the Denver Metro Area and have the expertise and capacity to help you fast and efficiently. We can complete a full portfolio in under 3 weeks and can assist with everything including application, deadlines, and even reinspections. We can non-invasively inspect large apartment complexes in a single day, because we have the most certified inspectors in Denver. Our qualified team ensures that pictures are taken for every piece of the inspection, and will provide a detailed issue punch list, along with a pass or fail, at the end of our inspection. These documents are an important piece of the licensing application.

Should your property be deemed non-compliant, we will work with you every step of the way to still obtain your license. You'll have 90 days to fix any issues, and in that time, our client care team can provide resources and remind you of deadlines.

The Checklist

Both single-family and multi-family units will need to be inspected. A multi-family unit is described as any building with multiple units that all have the same address. This can be apartments, condominiums, senior living centers, rowhomes, etc. The full unit in a single family home must be inspected, whereas multi-family units are required to have 10% of units inspected.

Colorado Compliance Inspections built our services around Denver's City provided 26-point inspection standards checklist. Our goal is to streamline the application process and tackle every roadblock. We'll inspect the following 9 sections:

  1. – Egress
  2. – Water Systems
  3. – Electrical
  4. – Fire Safety
  5. – Walls, Roof, Foundation
  6. – Trash Removal
  7. – Pest Control
  8. – Required Utilities, Equipment & Services
  9. – Safe and Sanitary for Human Habitation


  • Phase 1 – Jan 1, 2022
    50% reduced licensing fee during this time. Any unit type is eligible to apply.
  • Phase 2 – Jan 1, 2023
    License required for all multi-family units in Denver.
  • Phase 3 – Jan 1, 2024
    License required for all single-family homes.

How It Works

Pre-Inspection Walk Through

Our dedicated client care team will meet with your property owners and property managers. At this time we can provide best practices and common reasons for failure, as well as review the inspection, compliance, and license process.

Random Unit Selection (Multi Family Units)

We use best practices to ensure random selection for your multi-family property units.

Rental Inspections

We have the most certified inspectors in Denver, and they are certified through Denver's approved list which includes ASHI, INTERNACHI, or CMI and ICC. We strictly follow Denver’s 26-point Residential Rental Inspection Checklist.

Issue Punch List

We provide a detailed list of issues that need attending to, with images and resources for your reference.


We are happy to walk you through the reinspection process and deadlines. We’ll guide you through every step.

Approval and Documentation

At the end of the process, you’ll receive a Residential Rental Inspection Checklist for each of your inspected units. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to file for your license.


Colorado Compliance Inspections is your go to rental inspection provider in the Denver Metro Area. We have all the answers you need regarding compliance with Denver's "Healthy Residential Rentals for All." Our values are coordination, communication, and trust, and we use these to guide us in every aspect of our services. With the most certified inspectors in Denver, we have literally seen it all, and can help you plan for a simple inspection process, so that you pass the first time.

We'll only ever work with property owners and property managers to execute deadlines, communications, and industry leading services. We know Denver's ordinance inside and out and can help you manage your application, whether you pass or fail the initial inspection. From the largest apartment complex portfolios in Denver, to an individual single-family property, we have the speed and resources to simplify your inspection license application process, before, during, and after your inspection with us.

Let Colorado Compliance Inspections be your guide to Denver’s new requirements. We are experts in the Residential Rental Inspection Checklist for your residential rental unit in Denver, CO. If you have the questions, we have the answers. Call now!

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