Commercial Mold Inspection in Denver, CO

Mold can pose significant risks to health, and thrives in areas that are high in moisture. If you suspect that you have indoor mold growth in your commercial building, then it is crucial that you act fast to mitigate the issue before it poses health concerns to your staff, clients and customers. In Denver, CO, you can rely on the commercial mold inspection services offered by our team at Colorado Complete Inspections. We use advanced technology to identify all points of concern, recommending a third party mitigation strategy that will protect your health and business in the long term.

Mold Testing Denver CO
Commercial Mold Inspection Denver CO

When Should You Seek a Commercial Mold Inspection?

Given how quickly mold spores and black mold can develop once moisture is present, it is essential that you have a commercial mold inspection performed after you experience water damage. If you have suffered flooding, water leaks from the roof or pipes, or have been affected by a severe weather event in Denver, CO, our team at Colorado Complete Inspections should be your first call. Our detailed report is generated after comprehensive mold testing of all areas of concern, such as within walls, small spaces and ceilings. Our testing includes an infra-red analysis, mold air sample test, and a lab analysis of mold samples. After our thorough testing, we will recommend next steps in order to offer peace of mind and mitigation going forward.

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Certified Mold Inspection Denver CO

If you suspect mold is present in your business in Denver, CO, then you should seek a commercial mold inspection from the certified inspection team at Colorado Complete Inspections. To find out more about common mold issues, or to schedule your inspection, call us today at (303) 569-5057.

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