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Condo Inspections: Types Of Inspections And How Frequent They Should Be

Condo inspections are usually only completed when someone buys a condo. Following this inspection, a professional home inspector will not enter the condo for years until it's sold. As a result, potential clients can catch you off guard at any moment with serious structural flaws that you should have addressed years earlier. You, as a property owner or property manager should hire rental inspection services for routine inspections to avoid such an occurrence and the pressure that comes with it. Not only do our services keep your condo in excellent condition, but they can also increase the value of your rental property. But how frequently should an inspection occur, and what type?

How often do you need a rental condo inspection?

Several elements come into play. If your condominium has crawl spaces or a basement, you should consider investing in a rental home inspection every 2-3 years or whenever your property is up for re-rental. Maybe you have older plumbing or wiring. Or your property is in a region with a lot of moisture, a severe climate, or both. In these cases, you should test this more frequently.

A condo rental inspection is also recommended if you plan a big restoration project. Why? You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a bathroom remodel to learn that you need to replace your furnace. So before you march, conduct a survey.

Suppose your condo is modern and was properly inspected when you bought it, and you don't live in a particularly harsh climate. In that case, you can generally get away with a longer inspection cycle.

As a condo owner in Denver, CO, it is more of a responsibility to ensure you meet the state requirements as you rent out your condo. Fortunately, we aim to make the rental unit inspection and code compliance required for city licensing as simple as possible.

Finally, if you haven't had your condo examined since you bought it, now is the time.

What type of inspection do you need?

Most home inspectors provide two sorts of condo unit inspection services; Comprehensive and interior-only. Attics, exteriors, crawl spaces, roofs, garages, and other shared areas are not covered by interior-only inspections. Interior alone inspections are ideal for enormous towers where a home inspector may struggle to offer much building maintenance expertise; too much is inaccessible in these large structures.

In most other circumstances, thorough inspections are better. A thorough investigation covers any attics or crawls spaces connected to your unit. The inspector will also stroll outside on the roof and inside parking garages and basement areas. Full inspections are not as thorough as commercial inspections, but they will provide you with a solid overall idea of the state of the structure or buildings. You can then use the information collected from a complete condo inspection to determine the overall "health" of the property.

Regular condo inspections are critical when you plan to sell or rent your property. You won't be able to monitor the state of your rental apartments or hold the right renters accountable for excessive damages unless you conduct regular inspections. But, unfortunately, this will reduce your profits and waste a lot of time.

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