Denver’s 26-Point Inspection Checklist Provides Balance for Renters & Owners

Denver’s 26-Point Inspection Checklist Provides Balance for Renters & Owners

June 20, 2022
In early June, Denver's Department of Excise & Licenses made several updates to the Inspection Checklist Guidebook for its Residential Rental Property License Program. These changes focused on balancing the program’s multiple priorities of ensuring tenant safety, keeping affordable rental units available in the community, and helping rental property owners manage the costs to upgrade their properties.
26-Point Inspection Checklist Denver
A few of the notable changes in the most recent update include:
  • Removed the requirement for push bars on emergency exit doors,
  • Clarified the number of exits required for below grade bedrooms,
  • Provided an exemption to GFIs outlets for buildings constructed without electrical ground wires, and
  • Clarified location requirements for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detector, and fire extinguishers.
Regular updates to the program’s Inspection Checklist and detailed Inspection Checklist Guidebook, like the most recent update earlier this month, show that all interested parties (government officials, property owners, third-party inspectors, and the renter community) are successfully working together to implement a comprehensive inspection and licensing program that works for everyone. While each group may have different priorities, everyone is aligned on the overall goal of affordable, safe, and habitable rental units to house our growing population in Denver. If you have questions about the most recent updates or about any aspect of Denver’s Residential Rental Property License Program, please reach out to the knowledgeable team at Colorado Complete Inspections. We’re currently helping many multifamily property owners across the city implement their rental unit inspection and licensing initiatives. Contact Us
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