How to Pass a Denver Rental Property Inspection?

How to Pass a Denver Rental Property Inspection?

September 16, 2022
In May 2021, the Denver City Council voted to require licenses for all residential rental properties. The rental properties must pass an inspection to get a license. Property managers and landlords must comply with the city’s decision now that the policy has been passed. If you’re a landlord or rental property manager, here’s what you need to know about the news of rental inspections required by Denver’s new landlord licensing program.
Rental Inspection Denver CO
Phased Approach With over 54,000 rental properties within city limits that include condos, homes, row houses, and apartment complexes, concerns about a bottleneck of applications arose, prompting the city to implement a phased approach. Inspection and licensing of all rental units unrolled in compliance with the city’s “Healthy Residential Rentals for All” ordinance have three phases: phase 1 begins on Jan 2, 2022, phase 2 will start on Jan 2, 2023, and phase 3 will begin on Jan 1, 2024. Licensing Deadlines With the deadlines from the housing authority of the city fast approaching, long-term property owners must work with experts in their community to obtain their licenses. But hiring experts for rental inspection in Denver, CO, is only the tip of the iceberg. To pass the inspection, landlords must comply with the program’s inspection checklist. Passing the Inspection Knowledge of the inspection checklist will help landlords understand what repairs they must make and issues they need to fix to ensure they meet the program’s minimum housing standards. Based on the rental standards under the program, rental property inspection services in Denver, CO, will need to check the property’s pest control, fire safety, building code, water systems, room temperatures, trash removal, and ensure tenants live in safe and sanitary environments, regardless of the type of housing. Since the visual examination of the properties is a general safety and health inspection, inspectors look for anything that could compromise the livability of the rental properties. If those problems aren’t present, it’s easy for a rental property to meet the program’s standards and get a pass rating from the inspector. Compliance with the Checklist If the property passes the inspection, the manager or owner receives a compliant checklist report. These are the documents they’ll need when they apply for the program’s landlord licensing. Failing the Inspection If the inspection fails, landlords can request a re-inspection once they address the issues that led to their Fail rating. If the inspection fails, the landlord has 90 days to fix the problems in the inspection report. The landlord might need to pay off fines. Some might have their licenses suspended or revoked in the worst-case scenario. In these situations, tenants will be allowed to remain until their leases expire.
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