Multi-Family Home Rental Inspections in Denver, CO

Choose Colorado Complete Inspections for your multi-family home rental inspections. In March 2021, the city of Denver passed an ordinance, called the Residential Rental Licensing Program, which requires the inspection, compliance, and licensing for all rental properties within Denver City limits. On January 18, 2022, the city released the policies associated with this "Healthy Residential Rentals for All" program, which Colorado Complete Inspections was built from. We have integrated every aspect of this program into our services to ensure a simplified application process and allow you to focus on the minimum housing standards required for your tenants. This program is being rolled out in 3 phases. All rental units are required to obtain an inspection and license from a certified inspector. Colorado Complete Inspections has the most qualified team members in the area to perform these inspections, and are certified by Denver's approved list, including ASHI, INTERNACHI, or CMI and ICC. Property owners should note that inspections must be done by the following date(s):


  • March 2022: Early Licensing Option
  • January 2023: Multi-Family Rental Properties
  • January 2024: Single-Family Rental Units


Upon successful license approval, multi-family unit owners will not have to renew for 4 years.


Multi-Family Properties

A multi-family rental unit is defined as any unit owned and/or managed by a person or company. These multiple units must all have the same address (different addresses like duplexes require individual licenses) to be considered multi-family. Other examples of multi-family units include apartment buildings, senior living centers, condominiums, rowhomes, etc. All multi-family rental properties must be licensed by January 1st, 2023. Denver's policies require a random inspection of 10% of units in a multi-family dwelling. Our team prepares to notify you of 15% of your units, in case any challenges arise on the day of inspection. Additionally, Denver requires that we inspect every below grade and basement unit, regardless of our random selection of units. This is done to ensure there is dual egress and no leaks in these areas. We work directly with property management staff, never tenants, at multi-family properties to ensure complete compliance, and help you pass your inspection the first time. We can inform you of best practices and common issues during the pre-inspection process. Colorado Complete Inspections proudly employs the highest number of certified inspectors in Denver. We ensure that our inspections are non-invasive, and will provide a detailed issue punch list inspection report with corresponding images to ensure that you have a clear indication of our findings. While we have to select your units at random, we'll work with you to ensure the least amount of disturbance for everyone living at your property.


The Checklist

Colorado Complete Inspections was designed to handle Denver's City provided 26-point inspection standards checklist. Our team is laser focused on streamlining this process for you and handling every challenge along the way. There are 9 main sections on the checklist:


  1. – Egress
  2. – Water Systems
  3. – Electrical
  4. – Fire Safety
  5. – Walls, Roof, Foundation
  6. – Trash Removal
  7. – Pest Control
  8. – Required Utilities, Equipment & Services
  9. – Safe and Sanitary for Human Habitation



Timeline for Denver Rental Property License Applications


Phase 1: Jan 1, 2022
During this phase, license fees are reduced by 50%. Any unit type is eligible to apply and opt into this early application period.

Phase 2: Jan 1, 2023
Multi-family properties must be licensed by this date! Any property with 2 or more units must receive an inspection and apply for licensing. License applications can be found at

Phase 3: Jan 1, 2024
By this date, any single family dwelling units must be licensed. This includes any building on a parcel of land that has a single rental unit.



We built our services to make this application and compliance process more simplified for you.  Our specialties are coordination, communication, and trust. We work with the largest apartment complex portfolios in the Denver Metro area, and are even prepared to work with senior living and assisted care dwellings. We can deploy 5 certified inspectors at a time to get the largest communities in Denver inspected in a single day. Our highly trained team can complete your full portfolio in 3 weeks, and we'll give you image records of everything we inspect, which only includes items from Denver's city provided 26-point checklist. We'll work with your onsite team, never talking to your residents, and will coordinate deadlines, applications, and all aspects of reinspection before expirations, if necessary. Before, during, and after your inspection, we'll be there to guide you and streamline your licensing process. We don't have ancillary services outside of rental property inspections; we are laser focused on helping you pass your inspection, with as few challenges as possible. From dogs to mother-in-laws, we have seen it all. Call Colorado Complete Inspections today to schedule your inspections!

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