Rental Inspection Checklist In Denver, CO

Inspection Checklist to Keep Denver Residents Healthy

With the newly passed Residential Rental License Policy, the city council hopes to make Denver a safer place to live. Implementing this policy is a progressive way to change and improve the housing conditions within every residential rental property in the city. At Colorado Complete Inspections, we are at the frontline, working to ensure that renters feel confident in the safety of their homes. We believe it is important to enjoy comfortable living that complements the rates that renters pay. Over the years we have grown and perfected our services, especially including rental license inspections. Our highly skilled team works through a detailed step by step checklist to discover and report any areas in need of improvements. Therefore, we aim to be your go-to company with any needs regarding apartment unit inspections and more.

Healthy Residents for All

The City of Denver has released new details for home inspections, compliance and licensing for the Residential Rental Inspection Program. All of the newly updated criteria is a part of the "Healthy Residents for All" regulation passed by the city council. In addition, the council has also provided a residential rental inspections checklist to ensure that landlords are meeting housing standards.

With the rental unit checklist, inspections and licensing for all rental units become approach­able and easy to implement.

Inspection Checklist for Landlords

Colorado Complete Inspections provide apartment inspection checklists to landlords who want to expand their investments and ensure the safety of their tenants. This detailed checklist ensures that you can confidently identify key problems while evaluating the safety and conditions of your property. We provide comprehensive information on expectations for the inspections and how to prepare.

While landlords can use the inspection checklist for a rental property to their benefit, we are a qualified rental inspection service with years of expertise in compliance with Denver's licensing laws.

Checklist Details

The checklist for rental property inspection is broken down into eight sections. These sections issue specific requirements relating to tenant safety.

Section 1 - Egress

  • Units below ground level must have egress in good condition with proper lighting of halls and stairways

Section 2 – Water Systems

  • Units should be connected to municipal or approved water systems
  • Water heating systems heat water to the minimum hot water temperature

Section 3 – Electrical

  • Fixtures and outlets must be properly installed with total circuitry limits

Section 4 – Fire Safety

  • Presence of Smoke detectors, CO detectors, and fire extinguishers
  • Gas supply pipes are in good condition

Section 5 – Walls, Roof and Foundation

  • Walls and roofs must be free of holes and deteriorating paint
  • Free of lead hazards and leaks
  • Zero leaks below-grade units
  • Secure foundation without decay

Section 6 – Trash

  • Regular trash removal with minimum odors and accumulation

Section 7 – Pest Control

  • Units must be free of pest infestation
  • Regular pest removal and control devices

Section 8 – Required Utilities, Equipment, and Services

  • Heating components can maintain the minimum room heating temperature of 70°F

With this checklist, property owners and property managers are able to check that their properties are meeting standards even prior to our visits. We can assist you in ensuring your residential rental units meet these requirements to get licensing. Colorado Complete Inspections is ready to assist you in property assessment to help give your tenants a safe, happy home.

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