Rental Property Inspection in Denver, CO

The Do's And Don'ts Of Executing a Rental Property Inspection

Regular rental property inspection is vital for landlords and rental property owners. It helps you monitor the condition of your units and hold the right tenant responsible for excessive damage. Knowing this will ensure your profits are not cut, and you don't waste a lot of time. However, landlords need to know the dos and don'ts before the inspection. Here are some of them.

The dos and don'ts during an inspection

As a landlord, you need to know some laws that protect renters regarding a routine inspection. So, you must ensure you act accordingly during your rental property inspection. If the laws are unclear, consult a lawyer to help identify the laws that apply to the inspection. We have made a list of the dos and don'ts that will keep your tenants comfortable and happy. They include

  • Give a prior notice - Ensure you are aware of laws that dictate the notice timeline before the day of inspection for the rental property. Or, hire a lawyer to help you understand what's needed.
  • Encourage your tenants to be home - When rental property professionals do an inspection, tenants have to sign a document on the condition of their home. Through this, you can talk to them about damages and repairs that need fixing before the expiration of their lease.
  • Explain the importance of the inspection - Giving a reason for the inspection helps the tenant understand it's for everyone's well-being.
  • Avoid taking pictures of personal items - Some landlords prefer supporting written documentation with photos during an apartment property inspection. However, it's good to exclude tenants' items from the picture for their privacy. Things to exclude include items like laptops, pets, and people.
  • Avoid confrontation with tenants - Landlords value their properties. So at times, it's hard to keep calm in case there's damage or neglect. If a tenant confronts you and complains to you, stay calm and professional. Always when in Denver, CO performing apartment property inspections, address issues in writing instead of verbally.

During property management inspections, landlords in Denver, CO, should walk through the process with tenants. It ensures the tenant gets an advance notice on deductions or time to repair the damages.

Also, as a good landlord, you can get an expert to quote the damage to help the tenant plan well.

Rental property inspection is crucial for landlords. However, although they own the property, they must treat renters with the utmost respect. So before any inspection, they must inform tenants and ensure they keep their privacy. In case of damages, put it down in writing and give tenants options to handle it before the lease expires.

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