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Residential Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos is found in many areas of the home, including ceilings, drywall, pipes and more. When disturbed fibers enter the lungs, they have the potential to cause serious health concerns, including a deadly form of cancer called malignant mesothelioma. If you are concerned about asbestos fibers or are planning renovations in your home in Denver, CO, you can count on our team at Colorado Complete Inspections. We use advanced techniques to quickly and efficiently identify asbestos so that you can begin mitigation procedures designed to protect the health of you and your loved ones.

Residential Radon Inspections

Radon is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that is generated from the breakdown of uranium that occurs naturally in soil. Colorado has a high level of radioactive radon, and is noted as a Zone 1 state for Radon, which poses significant risk to health. Colorado Complete Inspections offers residential radon inspection services in Denver, CO, offering you and your loved ones peace of mind that your health is protected. We use advanced technology to precisely and accurately measure radon levels in your home, and if high, can propose mitigation strategies that protect your family in the long term.

Residential Mold Inspections

If mold spores are present in your home, they may cause health concerns that can be difficult to manage. Mold thrives in moist areas, such as bathrooms and vents, or can establish itself following water damage. If you are worried about the presence of mold in your home in Denver, CO, the team at Colorado Complete Inspections offers peace of mind with residential mold inspection services. We use sensitive equipment to test all areas of concern, ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe and protected at all times.

Residential Sewer Scope Inspections

Whether you are selling your home, looking to buy, or simply evaluating the state of your property, you can’t forget to arrange a sewer line inspection. Plus, in almost every municipality, you, as the homeowner, are responsible for any sewer issues, even all the way out to the main line on your street.

Residential sewer scope inspections are not generally part of a standard home checkup- but they are vitally important for a well-maintained property.

When searching for a professional residential sewer scope inspection near me in Denver, Colorado, look out for our name- we are a leading authority in the area and the best team to attend to your home and its sewer pipes.

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