Sewer Scope Inspection; Why New Homeowners Need It

Sewer Scope Inspection; Why New Homeowners Need It

March 13, 2023

Did you know that repairing a damaged sewer line can cost up to thousands of dollars to repair? Before closing any real estate transactions, it's ideal for new homeowners to have a sewer scope inspection, to get a full picture of a home’s condition. It's the only way to be sure you won't spend thousands of dollars repairing the sewer after spending thousands buying a home.

Sewer Scope Inspection Denver CO

Why It's Important

A sewer scope inspection is sewer monitoring done by a sewer line inspector using a plumbing camera. These cameras have a long flexible cable that goes into a home's drainpipe and shows live videos of the present problems or those that are yet to occur within your pipes.

  • To Avoid Expensive Repairs
  • Repairing a broken sewer line is significantly more costly than a simple inspection. Replacing a sewer drain can cost up to $30,000 while repairing a broken sewer can cost up to $3000 or more. This is why your new home needs a sewer scope inspection in Denver, Colorado, not just because the house is new. While above ground your home may look alright, there might be a disaster building underneath your new home. Don't let a sewer backup be your welcoming sign that something is wrong with the home.

  • Poses A Health Risk
  • Damaged and leaking pipes can quickly escalate to more severe problems. For instance, the water from broken sewer pipes might leak into the home's water system, causing infections and diseases like typhoid, salmonella, and cholera. Furthermore, flies, rodents, or parasites can easily crawl into your home through broken pipes. Getting a sewer camera inspection near Denver, CO is best before closing the deal on that new home, to avoid unwanted guests or illnesses.

  • Can Cause Structural Damage
  • A compromised drain system in a home can easily lead to structural damage in your home. For instance, the house can shift if there is a movement under the home in the sewer pipes. Moreover, a leaking sewer can indicate a home is moving or shifting. Therefore, all new homeowners need to do a sewer scope inspection in Denver, CO to help curb sewer line damage problems like tree root infection for areas with more trees.

How Do You Know You Should Conduct A Sewer Scope Inspection?

You should get a sewer scope inspection any time you buy a new home, sell an old home, or every 3-5 years per recommended standard to evaluate the condition of the line. Before these events take place, there are signs to look out for that will require sewer scope inspection near Denver, CO. Some of the common signs include;

  • You have an older home, built before 1984, meaning it may have clay drain pipes that can easily crack.
  • There is shifting ground around the house that indicates the drain pipes are damaged.
  • There are several large trees around the home, so the roots could have affected the drain pipes.
  • There is stagnant water in the home's compound which could indicate blockage, leak, or damaged pipes.

A sewer line inspection is crucial even if you don't notice any of these signs. The problems that appear minor might lead to severe issues that will require thousands of dollars to repair. A sewer scope inspection will let you know if the property you plan to buy has any problems and inform you of the material used for its sewer pipes, so that you can be prepared for associated risks.

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