Single Family Home Rental Inspections in Denver, CO

Colorado Complete Inspections was built for Rental Inspections. As of January 18, 2022, Denver city implemented inspection, compliance, and licensing policies for the Residential Rental Program (RRP) associated with the “Healthy Residents for All” ordinance. This ordinance was passed in March 2021, to ensure minimum standards of safe living for all tenants within city limits. In order to remain compliant with the city of Denver, all rental units must obtain inspection and licensing, which will be implemented in phases.


  • March 2022: Opt-In Early Licensing
  • January 2023: Multi-Family Rental Dwellings
  • January 2024: Single-Family Rental Dwelling Units


Single family unit landlords must know these rules and regulations, and be licensed by January 2024. In order to successfully get a license, a certified inspector certified by ASHI, INTERNACHI, or CMI and ICC is required. There are a limited number of certified inspectors in Denver who meet these qualifications. Once licensed, landlords will only need to renew every 4 years. Single family homes built in the last 4 years are not required to get an inspection. Colorado Complete Inspections has the most certified inspectors in the city of Denver, who are highly trained to perform visual, non-invasive inspections, to inform the owner of any issues in the rental property. We will take photos of every part of the checklist and report back with a custom issue punch list of our findings. We'll work with you every step of the way, including our client care team facilitating re-inspection, and notifying you of all re-application steps.


Single Family Homes

A single-family house is a free-standing, single unit residence inhabited by one tenant or one family of tenants. For this unit type, the landlord owns the entire building and the land it is built on. All single-family rental properties must be licensed by January 1st, 2024. Single family homes will be inspected throughout the whole building. Single family homes are advantageous for property owners because they offer detached space, privacy, and simplified management. They are also easier to maintain than larger multi unit properties and they're inspected as a single unit when being inspected in compliance with Denver's policies. Denver's suburbs are ripe with single family unit rental properties, and Colorado Complete Inspections is your go-to inspection provider.


The Checklist

The Denver City Inspection Checklist is straightforward, and our team is trained to handle every aspect and issue that comes along with the Denver city provided 26-point checklist. Here are the main things we'll be checking at your property:


  1. – Egress
  2. – Water Systems
  3. – Electrical
  4. – Fire Safety
  5. – Walls, Roof, Foundation
  6. – Trash Removal
  7. – Pest Control
  8. – Required Utilities, Equipment & Services
  9. – Safe and Sanitary for Human Habitation


Timeline for Denver Rental Property License Applications


Phase 1: Jan 1, 2022
This is when early and voluntary licensing begins. Denver is offering a 50% reduced licensing fee during this time. All rental units are eligible to apply.

Phase 2: Jan 1, 2023
By this point, all multi-family units must be licensed. This includes any rental property with 2 or more units.

Phase 3: Jan 1, 2024
This is the important deadline for single-family units. By this date, any building operated as a single family rental property, must be licensed. You can apply for a license at Licensing is required on all single family homes that are offered as rentals. Any building that has a single rental unit on a parcel is included.




Colorado Complete Inspections is the leading rental inspection provider in Denver, CO. Our highly trained team has the expertise you are looking for for your rental property inspection to comply with Denver's "Healthy Residential Rentals for All." You can count on us for coordination, communication, and trust. We have seen it all, and we have a plan to make your licensing process as seamless as possible. Our client care team is the best in the business. We work with property owners, onsite property managers and local maintenance teams on deadlines, applications, and reinspections. Whether you fail your inspection the first time and need to pass within 90 days, or you need recommendations for best practices and common issues, we are always prepared to lend a hand. Our onsite personnel are laser focused and know these inspection checklists better than any rental inspection company in Denver, CO. Colorado Complete Inspections provides you with a completed Residential Rental Inspection Checklist for your single family unit in Denver, CO. We are experts on every requirement and have built services designed to streamline your property inspection and application. Let us do the heavy lifting, we were built for this.


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