What are the City of Denver's Rental Inspection Requirements?

What are the City of Denver's Rental Inspection Requirements?

September 9, 2022
Denver city recently passed a new bill requiring landlords and property owners to hold licenses to rent their property. This rental license must be renewed every four years, and the approval process includes an inspection. The city, therefore, released a checklist for the requirements a property must fulfill to be licensed. The checklist is broken down into eight sections that we will look at below.
Rental inspection Denver CO
  • Egress

Every building with an underground unit must have an opening for a safe exit. This could be a full path to the ground, including stairwells, doorways, porches, and egress windows. These windows also provide lighting for larger buildings and public areas.
  • Water Systems
Water systems ensure the units have proper water systems, including proper drainage. The water must be running during the rental inspection in Denver, CO, and hot water requirements must be met meaning the hot water is at least 110 degrees hot. Gas-powered water heaters should be positioned far from bathrooms, sleeping rooms, toilets, or any room with poor ventilation.
  • Proper Electrical Connection
The rental inspection in Denver, CO, states that rental homes should not have unprofessionally or poorly done electrical systems within city limits. The electrical installation code is very strict, and a professionally installed system will easily pass inspection. Electrical devices must be in good condition without exposed wiring, broken plates, or missing panel covers.
  • Fire Safety
Each rental unit must have functioning CO2 detectors, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers. Detectors cannot be expired, and smoke detectors must be placed in every bedroom and on each level of the home. In addition, all homes with fuel-burning appliances or garages must have CO2 detectors.
  • Walls, Roof, and Foundation
The walls, roof, and foundation of your home must be in great condition to pass a city inspection for a rental property in Denver, Colorado. All roofs and walls must not have any holes, breaks, cracks, or bad painting that would allow weathering.
  • Trash Removal
Inspectors will look for trash removal services to ensure no trash remains within the property. This is true for outside waste storage, which may produce an odor that attracts pests.
  • Pest Control
Inspectors must look for signs of infestation to pass city inspection for a rental property in Denver, CO. If there are minor signs of pest infestation or levels that can be controlled with over-the-counter medication, the property remains compliant.
  • Required Utilities, Equipment, and Services
This section ensures that heating devices properly heat the house. The minimum housing standards indicate that the system must heat rooms to around 70 degrees when it is -5° outside. This brief guide should give you an overview of what inspectors will look at in your property. The entire information is found in the city's guidebook that you can read through to understand the requirements fully.

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