What to Expect from Asbestos Inspections

What to Expect from Asbestos Inspections

January 30, 2023
Whether upgrading, renovating or demolishing a property, you need to check the structure for asbestos. If your home has been around for a long time, it’s very likely that the house may have materials that contain asbestos. Before you proceed with any work involving the property, hire pros to perform an inspection. You’ll not only need to do this to ensure compliance with federal and state laws, but also to protect yourself from health hazards.
Asbestos Inspection Denver CO
What is Asbestos? To make sure you fully understand how vital the process is, you’ll need to know what asbestos is. Asbestos is a term used for regulated fibrous minerals. It was used in construction projects because the strong material is nearly indestructible and can handle various types of chemicals and heat. Best of all, the building material is affordable. So, it’s not surprising that many companies started using asbestos-containing materials in numerous applications. The problem is that asbestos is a carcinogen. While it’s not dangerous if left undisturbed, if the asbestos is airborne, exposure to it could lead to lung disease and, eventually, lung cancer. That’s where asbestos inspections in Denver, CO, come in. What is an Asbestos Inspection? An asbestos inspection is when a certified asbestos inspector in Denver, CO, checks the condition of the property to determine if there are materials that contain asbestos. If they suspect a material has asbestos, they will send a sample to a laboratory for analysis who will identify the material and tell the inspector if it contains asbestos or not. Where to Look for Asbestos? You may be tempted to go look for the asbestos material yourself instead of hiring a professional service provider that offers commercial asbestos inspections in Denver, CO. But if you don’t know where to look or what to look for, you’re better off hiring a professional who knows how to carry out commercial and residential asbestos inspections for you. Asbestos is tricky and can often be found in paint and skim coats, concrete and cement conduits, gasket or grout material under the railing bolt plates or guardrails, parapet or sidewall expansion joint caulk, and tar or sealant on wooden timbers. A pro looks at every nook and cranny when they do asbestos inspections in Denver, Colorado, to eliminate health risks at worksites, and for residents. If you want peace of mind, hire a professional to determine if you need to be worried about materials with asbestos or not. What Do I Look for in an Inspector? Contact Colorado Complete Inspections today. We have the credentials, experience, and skills to ensure your health and safety.
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